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Bathroom Plumbing & Repairs, Sydney

If you need bathroom plumbing repairs, advice or assistance with a major bathroom renovation project, or have a plumbing emergency, call Sydney 24 Hour Plumbing.

These days bathrooms have become more popular than kitchens, and the range of design options and luxurious fittings and fixtures that you can choose from is only limited by your imagination.  Most designer plumbing fixtures are also relatively inexpensive these days, especially if you can shop around or get your professional plumber to source items for you.

Having an issue in the bathroom such as an old or broken toilet, taps that aren’t fit for purpose or need replacing, can be a fantastic opportunity to think about re-designing the look and even functionality of your bathroom.  Many of the older bathroom designs didn’t always make best use of the space in the room, and a good plumber will be able to help you unlock the potential in your bathroom.

Sydney’s bathroom plumbing experts

No matter your requirement, we will be able to help you, with first class plumbing, advice and customer care.  We service homes and businesses across Sydney with the following:

  • The repair, replacement and installation of all bathrooms fittings and fixtures, including toilets, taps and showers
  • Pipes and drains, including CCTV inspections to diagnose issues
  • Bathroom renovations, including planning and project management
  • Bathrooms in new homes and businesses
  • Advice, repair and installation of hot water systems

The advantage of using Sydney 24 Hour Plumbing is that we offer a full plumbing service, whenever you need it.  Our 24 hour emergency response service is available all day and night, and we offer exceptional work for reasonable rates, so call us today.

The most common issues with bathrooms

Bathrooms can develop a number of issues over time and with the normal everyday wear and tear they experience.  Most smaller isolated issues can be fixed quickly and easily by a plumber, however others may require a re-think on the design or layout of the room.  Let’s look at the some of the most common issues with bathrooms that we see.

  • Dripping or leaking taps: customers often tell us that they can put up with a lot going wrong in their bathroom, but a tap that drips or leaks continually is one of the most annoying.   It can also be costly, with even a moderate drip leading to hundreds of extra dollars every year in water bills.  Luckily it’s generally an easily fix, or if the tap has parts that have been worn down over time, it may need to be swapped for a replacement.
  • Seized taps: if you’re finding yourself struggling to turn on or turn off a tap in the bathroom, the internal mechanisms in your taps may be affected by scale or rust.  Taps that haven’t been used for a while can become seized, so people who’ve just moved into a rental property or bought a new property may find this.
  • Broken or old toilet: we take our toilets for granted most of the time, just assuming they’ll work when we need them to.  Unfortunately when they do break, the issue can often require emergency assistance.  A blocked, clogged or overflowing toilet is one of the most common plumbing emergencies, and if all other methods of fixing the problem have failed (such as plungers), it’s time to call us in.
  • Issues with your hot water: having problems with your hot water can affect other rooms in your home or business, however they can cause of the most chaos in a bathroom.  Taking a shower and having only lukewarm or cold water can be a shock to the system, and may indicate a serious problem with your hot water unit.
  • Any changes to the colour of the water coming out of your tap or shower head or in your toilet’s cistern should be investigated by a professional. It may be that there’s a an issue such as corrosion or damage with a pipe.
  • Pipes knocking or banging when they are being used can indicate an issue. Generally pipes can become loose or even unseated over time and will need to be re-seated by a plumber.

It might be tempting to try and fix some of these issues yourself.  Unfortunately even the relatively easy task of changing a washer can be difficult if you don’t have the right parts, tools and know how.  Some issues can be a sign of a bigger problem, and you may think you’ve solved it, only to find the problem has reappeared and is actually a lot worse.  Our plumbers will tackle any plumbing job, no matter small or simple you might think it is.  Calling in a professional will give you ultimate peace of mind, so contact us and let us help you today.

Renovating your bathroom?

If you’ve finally decided that your bathroom could use a makeover, there are a number of factors you should consider before taking the plunge.  Finding a plumber that has the experience and years of renovation know how can make all the difference between having a project that goes smoothly and on budget, and one that is a bit of a disaster.

Planning is key

Don’t just assume you can ask a plumber to renovate your bathroom one day and have them start two days later.  Like any project that involves deadlines and time sensitive work, planning is the key to its success.  Consider issues such as what you will do without a bathroom for the length of the project – most small to medium sized bathroom renovations can take a week and longer – and think of ways to deal with the disruption to the household or business.  If you get your plumber to project manage the renovation project, they’ll be able to schedule other trades that will be necessary, such as waterproofing and tiling.  However if you’re doing it on your own, you’ll need to be aware of the requirements of each job within the renovation.

Redesigning the bathroom layout

The main difference between the bathrooms of today and those designed in earlier decades in the location of showers and baths.  In previous decades, showers have been cumbersome, with heavy screens that need room to either slide over or to open.  In older homes, showers over baths were popular, and while they can save space, they are awkward.  Today’s bathrooms can take advantage of newer designs and better materials.  Just remember if you are thinking of changing the layout of the fittings and fixtures in your bathroom, you’ll need to have the corresponding plumbing moved.  If you have a lot of extra room, for example, you could consider having a bath installed in the middle of the room or in a different position to take advantage of a view.   This can be a costly exercise, and you should talk to your plumber about the best use of the space for your budget.

Fixtures and fittings

One of the most exciting parts of a bathroom renovation is choosing new fixtures and fittings.  Before buying anything, you should check with your plumber to get the exact specifications you might needs for fixtures such as taps and shower heads.  Not all fixtures will be suitable, and you don’t want to buy an expensive item, only to find out it won’t work with the plumbing in question.  Many bathroom showrooms and supply stores will have working examples of toilets, taps and shower heads, so you can see them in action.  This is important, as plumbers will recommend you don’t choose design over functionality with such fittings.  Taps and shower heads that look good but are hard to repair will develop issues over time, and may need to be replaced entirely.

Design for the future

One of the mistakes people often make when designing a new bathroom is to fill it with all the latest trends and colours, only to find that it has a dated look in a few years’ time.  Bathrooms are not cheap to renovate, so it’s important to think about designing it to last at least 5 or 10 years.  If you’re selling the property or will in the future, create a bathroom design that will appeal to as many people as possible, rather than making it a very individual design statement.

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