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Blocked Sewer

Blocked Sewers are extremely undesirable and a major inconvenience in and outside your home. Often they can be caused by tree roots and the ground shifting over time causing a dislodging of pipe work. Usually a blocked sewer will be seen by the toilet bubbling up or waste coming up through other sewerage entry points. Having exposed Sewerage is extremely unhygienic and unsightly. It’s also a major health hazard especially around children and pets.

Sydney 24 Hour Plumbing can attend anytime, anywhere to get you out of strife right away. We utilise a variety of methods for clearing these blockages.

Here at Sydney 24 Hour Plumbing we go a step further than the rest. When we clear a blockage we provide a report with photos that can be forwarded to your local council or insurer (advised by your plumber). In many cases this will result in being reimbursed either wholly or partly on your plumbing costs.

Our specialist top of the line camera setups allow us to monitor your entire drain setup to pinpoint the location of the blockage, the depth, the severity and to map out your sewer system. Our high pressure jetting technology allows most blockages to be cleared efficiently and without the need to dig up your front or back yard. In the event that we do need to dig, the camera and sonar systems have provided us key information as to the precise location of the blockage so digging is centralised to specific locations.

Give us a call and quote our code of SEWER15 for an immediate 15% discount towards your bill. Our fully insured and licensed small specialised team of plumbers will be at your home at a time of your choosing 24 hours a day. You must quote the code when calling to receive the discount prior to the plumber arriving on site.

Here at Sydney 24 Hour Plumbing we pride ourselves on extreme customer satisfaction. Our plumbers are clean, polite, friendly and approachable. No job will be ‘too hard’ or ‘too small’. We will return your calls and follow up your issues from start to finish. That’s our service guarantee and that’s what will make us stand out from the competitors. We warrant our labour 100%.

You won’t ever need to find another trustworthy, reliable and fairly priced plumber again. Give Sydney 24 Hour Plumbers s a chance and you won’t be disappointed.

When determining the appropriate repair work, your plumber will discuss the pros and cons of each option along with a detailed discussion on costs, timeframes & warranties. A plan of action will be made directly in conjunction with you & a quote will be produced detailing the works to commence. 24 Hour Plumbing will then commence work at the discussed timeframe.

Blocked Sewers

A Blocked Sewer will be treated in much the same way as a Blocked Drain however a far higher priority will be placed on rectification. Blocked Sewers can often be detected by smells coming up from various drains, toilets, sinks & inspection openings. In extreme cases, there may be gurgling in the toilet when flushed or raw sewerage coming up various drains, outside in your yard or overflowing over the toilet. Raw sewerage in enclosed spaces even in the air is a major health hazard and can cause extreme sickness especially around children and the elderly. If your toilet begins to gurgle or fails to flush correctly you need to call 1800 961 900 immediately. We will prioritise your Emergency Response over all others. If required we can also assist with Sewer Relining and excavation to resolve these issues.