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Gas Plumbing & Repairs, Sydney

Sydney 24 Hour Plumbing are the leading experts in gas fitting, gas repairs, and all gas related issues.  We offer first class service and reasonable prices, and offer you top quality professional workmanship, every time.

Gas has become the most popular choice for homes and businesses across Sydney, thanks to its affordability, versatility and range of appliances that are on the market.  From heating and hotplates, to water heating and cooking outdoors, gas can meet all of your residential and commercial needs.  When you have an issue with your gas supply or pipework, it’s important to always call a professional as soon as it occurs.  This is because gas leaks can occur in certain cases, and can pose a danger for anyone in the vicinity.

We offer a 24 hour gas fitting and repair service, so you can rest easy knowing there’s someone to help you, no matter the time of day or night.

The number one gas fitters in Sydney

We all know that energy prices are rising, however when compared to the cost of running electric appliances, gas is still around 3 to 4 times cheaper on average.  Most gas appliances and systems have a lifespan of a decade or more, especially if they are well maintained, with any issues taken care of as soon as they occur.  Gas is safe to run and can be used all throughout a home or business.

Our dedicated team of qualified gas fitters are fully licensed and can provide personalised services to ensure we exceed your expectations.  We can offer the following services in Sydney:

  • Diagnosis of issues such as gas leaks and low gas flow
  • Gas pipe repairs
  • Installation, repair and maintenance of gas appliances such as hotplates and ovens, bbqs
  • Installation and repair of gas bayonets
  • Advice on the right gas appliances for your residential or commercial requirements
  • The installation and repair of gas hot water heating
  • Emergencies involving your gas appliances or systems

Our servicemen are professional at all times, friendly and polite, and will provide you with their own phone number while we are working at your property.  This means that you can contact us to ask any questions you may have or to talk to us about additional work if its required.

Your gas supply is an integral and important element of the smooth running of your property.  Contact us today and get total peace of mind with the gas professionals.

We can assist with all types of gas appliances

Gas appliances are so popular because of the sheer variety you can find on the market, their relatively cheap running costs and reasonable price.  They can also be quick and easy to install, and in general can last for up to 10 years.  Let’s look at some of the most common appliances you may need to replace, have repaired or buy.

Gas hot water heating

Most of us take hot water in our homes and businesses for granted – we expect that if we turn on a tap they’ll be unending streams of hot water.  If your gas hot water system is over ten years’ old, or is starting to develop issues such as intermittent hot water or leaks, it may be time to consider getting a replacement.  Today’s hot gas water systems are smart and environmentally friendly, and you can choose between a newer continuous flow system or traditional storage water heater.  There are advantages to both systems and when choosing between them you should think about:

  • When you will use the water, and if you’d benefit from having an off peak water heater that heats water during the cheapest hours (usually at night).
  • The size of the hot water unit you might need. Bigger households or businesses may need to look at the larger types of water heater on the market
  • Your budget. Generally water heaters can range in price, depending on their features and the size of the unit.

Gas Cooking

Professional chefs and amateur cooks alike choose gas as their method of cooking because it is cheap to use, and provides the easiest and most accurate cooking available.  For anyone looking at upgrading their kitchen, or even starting over with a brand new one, there is a huge variety of cooking appliances on the market, each targeted at different budgets and with specific features.

Gas cooktops are the perfect way to cook food, and thanks to their clever designs and flexibility of choices, you can find one that’s right for you.  These days stainless steel and enamel are used widely for cooktops, with features such as wok burners that come as standard in the more expensive models.  Gas ovens have come a long way since the first models came on the market, and these days you can buy versions that not only come with sophisticated timing options and recipes, but with self-cleaning mechanisms that take all the hard work out of owning a gas oven.  Depending on your budget and the amount of space you have in the kitchen, you might also consider getting a double oven, or a oven/steamer combination.

Gas heating

These days we’ll all looking for ways to save money, and having gas heating installed in your property rather than an equivalent electric system can help save you hundreds of dollars in energy bills each year.  Gas heating comes in a variety of different brands and types, including:

  • Ducted gas heating. This can be a fantastic cost effective way to heat an entire property, while giving you the flexibility to have zones that you can turn on and off as needed.
  • Flued and unflued gas heating. Unflued heaters tend to be portable, and are a great option for when you need to heat a specific space such as a living room.  They only require access to a gas bayonet to function, and following the directions, are easy to install.  As they do not come with a flue to remove any gases, it’s recommended that unflued heaters are not used in small or confined rooms.  Flued heaters are fixed to one spot such or are placed into a wall cavity or fireplace, and are a more permanent solution to the problem of heating a property.

Ready to work with us?

The team at Sydney 24 Hour Plumbing are professional in everything we do, from the moment you contact us with an enquiry and our work on site, to the clean up after the job.   We even offer 24 support in the case of an emergency such as a gas leak, so call us today, and let the professionals take care of all your gas needs.

So what are you waiting for?

  • We are available anytime – even if its 3am!
  • Our plumbers are prompt, arriving on time, every time
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  • We service all property types including residential, commercial, industrial, strata and real estate
  • Our work is 100% guaranteed
  • Free up front fixed quoted prices
  • We are blocked drain specialists!

If you’d like a qualified and fully trained gas fitter to come and give your gas appliances a proper inspection, call Sydney 24 Hour Plumbing today.