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Hot Water Heaters and Repairs, Sydney

Here at Sydney 24 Hour Plumbing we are able to source Water Heaters and components at fantastic prices, savings of which we pass on to you. We know how important it is to have Hot Water and therefore we have an immediate response system in place to ensure a plumber is at your house as soon as possible, 24 hours a day. Our labour is insured, licensed and warranted in full.

Sydney 24 Hour Plumbing can attend anytime, anywhere to get you out of strife right away. We work with all brands and all models of water heaters and no job is too small or too hard. Our experienced plumbers will ensure that your Water Heater repair or replacement works are performed smoothly from start to finish.

Our plumbers can assist you in finding a solution that suits your home environment, optimises energy consumption and meets your budget requirements. We can perform conversions to alternate Water Heaters such as Solar or Gas and our plumbers will sit with you and determine, with your input, exactly what is best suited to you.

Some people have custom requirements such as looking to run their Water Heaters during an off-peak phase to save some of your hard earned dollars which is something we can assist with.

Sydney’s finest water heaters and repair specialist

Here at Sydney 24 Hour Plumbing we go a step further than the rest. When we perform Water Heater repairs or replacements we can provide a report with photos that can be forwarded to your insurer. In many cases this will result in being reimbursed partly on your repairs depending on your insurance policy.

A lot of small one-man plumbing companies will offer extremely cheap replacements on Water Heaters. These are never compliant with the New South Wales Plumbing & Drainage Code of Practice. In the event of a major burn from a family member due to a lack of tempering valve or family health issues as a result of not replacing rusted copper piping, these won’t be covered by your health insurance. Your home insurance will also be void if any issues arise as the result of non-compliant or unlicensed work being performed in your home. This could be things like flooding or your electrical systems being damaged due to inefficient shielding and weather protection. Saving a few hundred dollars on a ‘handyman’ plumber can easily cost you tens of thousands in the long run.

Ready to work with Us?

Here at Sydney 24 Hour Plumbing we pride ourselves on extreme customer satisfaction. Our plumbers are clean, polite, friendly and approachable. No job will be ‘too hard’ or ‘too small’. We will return your calls and follow up your issues from start to finish. That’s our service guarantee and that’s what will make us stand out from the competitors. We warrant our labour 100%.

You won’t ever need to find another trustworthy, reliable and fairly priced plumber again. Give Sydney 24 Hour Plumbers s a chance and you won’t be disappointed.