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Toilet Plumbing & Repairs, Sydney

Sydney 24 Hour Plumbing delivers the best toilet plumbing and repair service right across the Sydney area.

Nothing can interrupt your normal everyday home or working schedule like a blocked or broken toilet, and even minor leaks can cost you hundreds of extra dollars in water bills every year, not to mention the ongoing hassle of having to clean up the mess it makes in the surrounding area.

Finding a plumbing company that provides fast and efficient same day service is critical to fixing issues with your toilet before they become larger and more costly headaches.

Your toilet plumbing specialist

You probably don’t even notice whether your toilet has a minor issue unless it effects its functioning in a major way, or it starts to make unusual noises on a regular basis.  In cases of an issue such as a leak or cracking, you may not even know until you find water pooled around the base of the pan.  It’s a good idea to give your toilet an inspection on a semi-regular basis, especially if it’s an older model, checking for any visible cracks in the pan or pipe, issues with scale forming in the cistern, or parts that may be suffering from wear and tear.

Apart from water around the toilet, the other signs that there may be something wrong with your toilet include:

  • A sticky flush button: if you flush your toilet, and the button refuses to pop back up while the water continues to run in the bowl, you may have an issue with the mechanisms.  This can be caused by a number of problems such as scale build up in the cistern (especially if you live in an area with hard water), or the float getting caught.
  • A toilet that’s not flushing correctly: often toilets that aren’t flushing properly have clogged or blocked drains or otherwise low water flow, or the internal mechanisms may be seized or damaged in some way
  • A noisy toilet: any kind of sound that’s not the usual flushing noise can mean you have an issue with your toilet, and you should call in a professional.
  • If the toilet won’t stop running: this can be one of the most annoying problems with a toilet, as there’s no way to stop it from running without turning the water off.  If you do find your toilet has this problem, call in a plumber in straight away, as it’s likely to be just a simple matter of an inlet valve that has become degraded over time and can be replaced quickly and easily.
  • If there are cracks in the toilet pan or cistern: it’s not uncommon for older toilets to develop small hairline cracks over time.  These are generally harmless and should just be inspected on a regular basis to ensure they don’t become bigger.  Any kind of damage to the surface of the toilet that’s caused a larger crack, however, should be reviewed by a plumber, to ensure it won’t lead to leaks.  Most smaller cracks can be repaired, however in the event of a major crack, the toilet may need to replaced entirely.

What to do in an emergency

In the event of an emergency relating to your toilet, you should call us in as soon as possible.  Emergencies can consist of overflowing, blocked or clogged toilets – anything that could pose a danger to you and the other occupants of the property, or prevent you from using the toilet altogether.

The first thing to remember in these cases is to try and minimise any further damage by turning off the water.  It’s a good idea to know where the mains water tap is for such occurrences.  If the toilet is overflowing, it’s a good idea to lay down towels on the floor around the leakage to prevent it from spreading to other areas.

You should also call us in as soon as you can, and a good tip is to have our number displayed somewhere such as your fridge, so you won’t have to waste time by finding it.  Because our services are available at all times of the day and night for emergencies, we’ll respond quickly.  We’ll get a few basic details from you, and then be at your property with all the necessary equipment promptly.

Toilet plumbing and repairs you can rely on

We’ve been servicing customers throughout Sydney for years, and have an outstanding reputation for fast response times, professional quality workmanship and the best customer care.  Our aim is to exceed your expectations, whether we’re proving advice on plumbing issues relating to your property, responding to an emergency or carrying out routine repairs and maintenance.

Our plumbers are qualified and undergo regular training to ensure we keep up with all relevant changes in regulation and plumbing standards, and to give you the very best service possible.

We’re polite and friendly, and will always explain the steps in the process to you so you know exactly what work has been done for the money.  If it’s necessary to conduct several visits to your property, we’ll make sure we try to disrupt your normal routine as little as possible.

You’ll know you’re in safe hands when you choose us, so give Sydney 24 Hour Plumbing a call today.